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The month of “Ju lie” 

Last day of July, I have some real things to say ’cause why should I lie. We work all day, sit for long hours try hard not to hit anybody with the wrong reply. I must say days like this, you just want to spend it alone, sitback and prepare for a new month. 

The funny thing about patience is, you probably can’t tell why things delay but you focus your energy on staying strong look towards the brighter side of things. You never know why you do some things but time alone can reveal all things. 
These abstract thoughts alone can guide you, can inspire you, can remind you of what is. Life is beautiful when you think beautiful and ugly when you think ugly. Infotain your Mindset, Be great and be grateful. 

Black Bold Lines 14 || Bulletproof

My people die over money, struggle hard to impress everybody. When Cheap shots get fired the innocent souls receive the bullet, we should be aiming at ignorance instead. Don’t you hate it when you lie just to let them like you?, don’t you hate it when people fall just right beside you?. A walking time bomb ready to detonate, the same people who couldn’t put cables together, had nothing to support will jump in and hate. 

The things we learned as a teen vs the things Budi Norbert & Jesse Carlton thought me in 2015. This right here to me is only 5%, my mind is on some baby step ishh… Be great and be grateful is now my new speech. I talk alone sometimes until i give myself a standing ovation, appreciating the things I learned from great minds, thanking my leg for making the walk, for accepting to take part in the realisation of my crazy thoughts and dreams. 

We should be ready to bulletproof everything, as a matter of fact we should bulletproof everything. Shots here and there, they don’t want you to be rich at the same time they call you broke and lazy just to make you go weak. We must bulletproof everything: our minds, our souls, our bodies & our dreams. Take what you know and make what you want out of it. My people die over money, struggle hard to impress everybody. When Cheap shots get fired the innocent souls receive the bullet, we should be aiming at ignorance instead. Be great and be grateful

Broken Pixels 14 || Sonnet Parody 

Turn the lights on 

A darth Vader suit with no helmets on

These words are “easy” to step on 

if your journey is long, just ride on 

Shout out to my holographic dreams 

My obscure talent behind funny memes

It’s hard to climb with skinny jeans 

I was born to create, story of my gene

Started writing stuff when I was nine

With words my mates couldn’t define 

Asking “Geraud are you sure you are fine ?”

The answer is on my “face” not my mind 

I always stay Xtra like an Italian wine 

I hail my own sonnet, 14 broken lines 


and as always, thanks for reading… 

Stories from Letoh Ed-rial || vol 203 

Words of hope in the air, a cloud of trust and a burning feeling of comfort. My drug, my anger, my pain, my pride, all buried with passion. It’s a graveyard with no candles, no sad words, no tears to clean just the  burning desire to smile, laugh hard and enjoy the atmosphere of hope, trust and comfort. It’s hard to digest all words, it’s hard to speak with less words, it’s hard to stick around when shit hits the fan, it’s hard to say it’s hard, it’s hard…

Time flies, so we go back in time to revisit the old. Same-old-same-old, the past can’t change, we only explain things differently. I believe in time travel, the backward movement, you are aware of the events what went down, the footprints washed away by rain water, smashed by your followers erased in time. We must face the future, the uncertainty and emptiness we hold on to, the hopes and dreams we fight for tho smaller than the testament of time.

Little thinks fade away slowly, just enough to remember them when they ain’t there anymore. Eat your food, leave the balcony, close the Window, sit straight ; time is of the essence. We were created to experience, to adapt, learn, grow and “multitask”. What we want is what we may never have but what we need will come to us when we appreciate what we have. Stories from Letoh Ed-rial, the greatest of all moments, the nostalgic feeling, the reminisce. 

When I am gone, hand over these words to the young, bold and fearless. There is a place for “everyone” when “everyone” has no place. I know a lot but i also know nothing about the things I know…

…and as always thanks for reading…

Black Bold Lines 13 || Faith

Don’t stand on the blind spot

Don’t mess up that one shot

People are suffering beneath you

Trying hard to be you

Others are working hard to beat you

There is no such thing as “be you”
The you today is not the you tomorrow

We must create golds & dreams to follow

The road to dead and gone is narrow

One little mistake you get swallowed


Where I come from people appreciate

Some initiate to survive and feed their state

Where I am people don’t

Some kill to survive it’s more than initiate

All I’m saying is, make that plan

Do what you have to do to make things stand

it’s hard but who cares? few will give you a hand

Forget groupies and your shallow “boy bands”

Forget weak minds and pointless hate slang

It’s rainy season we don’t wear “shades”

Be bold, stand out, think big & let the bad vibe fade

Believe in the powers beyond and move on

This is black bold lines, code named faith


…and as always thanks for reading…




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