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Broken Pixels 10 || Standing Ovation 

Broken Pixels 10

​It’s hard to escape, even harder to let go 

Great moments, I nicely fit in like Lego 

My body on the road but the spirit needs a home 

Switching thoughts plus fake vibe on the phone 
Trying to break walls with an egg shell 

My feet always move every time I dress well 

To demonstrate my thoughts, I don’t need excel  

You have been blessed not because you feed well

Folks wanted to see this day until we heard the church bell
Music is a bread only your soul can bite 

You can call it rolling with the tide

Hardship hurts, so don’t buy the “ship” with pride 

Pray for what you need, keep the rest on “site”

Don’t worry about their “gig” ‘cuz it all started with bytes 
I was born in the morning eyes opened at night 

What I see and feel it’s crazy when owls take flight 

You can call it imagination I call it the dark light 

It’s more than art if you don’t agree then you are “write”
I don’t call it a poem, it’s my story written in codes 

Nine years ago I started sailing in this boat 

Read this all over again, it becomes a complex note 

These words are real and I have more to upload 

Black Bold Lines || N9ne – we MUST fight…

We have to fight 

You are an uncommon breed 

Don’t believe in chainsaw stories 

positivity is all you need 

Sacrifice the juice even if you need to bleed 

Do it now, do it today  your tomorrow can be busy
I speak for those with no fans 

those who take the heat 

while you sit at home and rant 

Please stop the beat 

and save the last dance 

Your perona is legit 

you can break walls with one glance 
fight for survival like Mad max 

Be war ready get yourself a backpack 

Harden not your swag get yourself some six-packs 

Breathe through the hard times, lungs on air max 
Face your fears and punch through life like John woo

If you fall down, get up, heal very fast like a tongue wound 

They smash you like a carpet, suck the pain like wool 

Like them if they hate you, see who becomes the fool 

…and as always, thanks for reading 

#HangOut with || Rama Endeley || face of the globe finalist 2016/2017


The closest i could get to the young, vibrant and smart Rama Endeley, a fun chat on her journey as a pageant, an up coming humanitarian and role model/inspiration to young girls all over the World. Her stay in cameroon was mad fun with lots of visitings and interviews. Her hangout with some orphans in the south west region of Cameroon was one of the many great visits she carried out to inspire and motivate young girls.

Watch an Exclusive interview with Rama to get the rest of the juice…

…and as always thanks for clicking in, please share to support.


Broken Pixels || Number Nine “The devil’s Mind”

Number Nine

When the stacks ain’t there I can’t feel the track 

Just help someone it doesn’t matter how much you got 

I can make sad songs spark 

I can smile with 7 shots on my chest 2 PAC 

I can…

Me alone am nothing

You and I are something 

I put my thoughts into writing 

If this thing “hammer” 

I will call “mama” 

I will call “her 

I will…

I show no resolution for all my pixels are broken 

2017 is tricky but I track my dreams like Liam in Taken 

Just be you, stay cool, be strong , God first no shaking 

They throw stones and shade 

They want you to fade


This might be your last read

This might be the last one on my blog feed 

This is why you need to make use of every speed 

This is why 

This is…

Your dreams must be scary 

I see fast cars and tall buildings sometimes I don’t feel ready 

Your dreams must be scary 

I see millions of people counting on me i feel heavy 

Your dreams must be scary 

Your dreams 


Believe in that man inside of you 

No! this is not motivation This is truth 

Do it for free and do it well don’t do it for you 

No! these are not just words to play family feud 
Don’t give up till you can’t do it no more 

…and as always, thanks for reading 


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