Black Bold Lines || 8

Sick and tired of being sick 

Bodies covered with stretch marks 

searching for shapes with six packs 

work hard they laugh, fall down they give six claps 

Hypothetically these words don’t eat crap 

Your mindset can eat this and make your brain fat

This is more like waiting for water beside a broken tap 

This hurts like an attack from a flytrap 
Lawyers battling in the streets with the law 

Nobody cares they are anglophones after all

We host the CAN can the CAN stop the war? 

Assimilation remix “Bonjour” is pushing “hello” to the wall 
Before you say it, yes! this is so Bold 

These lines were meant to bring peace no revolt 

Black bold juice from a “blackberry” not bold 

We called change now the call is on hold 
My views are the same like LEVEL spelled backwards

This is pure passion, pure love for manward

If you see me walking my direction is forward 

I am Not one of them ” Dina tell these “cowards” 
Pray for world peace, tired of the sorrow

Bomb here and there “the tin don turn na chorus” 

Please Let these words have a nap on your neurons 

The new ghetto gospel, legacy for tomorrow

…and as always thanks for reading 

About igeraud4

Eselem Geraud (IGERAUD) is a fun person, cool, friendly, a degree holder in Journalism and Mass Communication, social media personnel, digital marketer, creative writer and a die heart Music fan. Making people happy through any form of entertainment is what i live for. Either by writing, public speaking or chat room discussions. My articles are my views/opinions, imaginations and a way of uplifting readers through art.

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  1. Reblogged this on Positive Scribbles and commented:
    These lines sum up all!
    Positive scribbles will create a new category for content related to Cameroon as recent events show. Social media Posts, opinions, commentaries, historical facts, videos, poems, all that hands can be laid on. We want positive change in Cameroon and for Cameroon. If one needs a gist, it’s simple: Cameroonians of English extraction wake up against wanton marginalisation and dominance.

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