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Black Bold Lines || 8

Sick and tired of being sick 

Bodies covered with stretch marks 

searching for shapes with six packs 

work hard they laugh, fall down they give six claps 

Hypothetically these words don’t eat crap 

Your mindset can eat this and make your brain fat

This is more like waiting for water beside a broken tap 

This hurts like an attack from a flytrap 
Lawyers battling in the streets with the law 

Nobody cares they are anglophones after all

We host the CAN can the CAN stop the war? 

Assimilation remix “Bonjour” is pushing “hello” to the wall 
Before you say it, yes! this is so Bold 

These lines were meant to bring peace no revolt 

Black bold juice from a “blackberry” not bold 

We called change now the call is on hold 
My views are the same like LEVEL spelled backwards

This is pure passion, pure love for manward

If you see me walking my direction is forward 

I am Not one of them ” Dina tell these “cowards” 
Pray for world peace, tired of the sorrow

Bomb here and there “the tin don turn na chorus” 

Please Let these words have a nap on your neurons 

The new ghetto gospel, legacy for tomorrow

…and as always thanks for reading 

Broken Pixels || Seven – Xplode 

​In my private moment
I make deep and horrible comments 

Expensive thoughts like Ralph Lauren 

My nerves can’t handle the dark torment

This is real 

This is deeper than the goldmine we drill 

This is real 

This is powerful and true it’s what I feel 

Broken Pixels explode 

My words put you on that confuse mode 

we have been through a lot in the name of growth

Dress up your thoughts with positives clothes

Wisdom can’t be express via showoffs
Always be the light in the room no turn off

If you don’t matter to them please call off

Keep your cool, keep it chilled cold Smirnoff

Youths this is serious hustle hard before you turn up 
From age 7 I knew it’s not easy to blow up 

At age 23 some friends told me to grow up 

I had more fake friends who needed the phrase “grow up”

Mum gave me the conscience talk daily 

This sounds like a conscience talk already 

If you see my pictures from the past as a baby 

“Man don really change all style pass Blanche Bailly” 

…and as always , Thanks for Reading 

Black Bold Lines || Seven 

BBL Seven

Team take away your dreams 

I feel it in my Chest like a cold drink 

Not everybody wants to see you blink 

Human network is breaking can’t connect the stream 

Can’t you read the signs, 

people dying towards the end like flies 

Spirituality is being judged with senseless ties 

Our Goodwill has been extracted like winrar files 

The system itself is a combination of lies 

I feel sorry if you can’t get it, think deep, see the signs 

Power is in the hands of wise fools 

Fake promises thus we end up with fake tools 

Old problems with new names in the same school 

You don’t walk the same path so they care not about your shoes 

if it fits 

if it’s lit

if it’s legit 

we need “peace”

Things are getting harder ease yourself ?

we need to “work” 

But Unemployment is killing my nerves 

This is our “fatherland”

But We still give white-collar jobs to white skin shells

“Peace-work-fatherland” time to ring the change bell 
This is Black, this is Bold 

Code name explode 

This are expensive words, pure Gold

code name explode 

and as always Thanks for Reading…

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