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#MustWatch – How to maintain BALANCE in life…

This video has been extracted from a work done by project self development,you can search on youtube and subscribe for more.


Broken Pixels || #TheSix 

Broken Pixels 6

We are more 

but not because we are black 

We adore 

but not Miley Cyrus’ track 

we are loud 

much more like an African park 

we are rich 

tell your mind, forget about what you lack 
Broken Pixels six, my words and I always meet 

Broken Pixels six, bury your hate at six feet 

This is reality coded with art an African Netflix 

This is reality coded with bars my Pixels flick 
Silent nights covered with scary clouds  

A wet chin, the tears of a clown 

An empty tummy yet we didn’t frown 

Nature singing, trees swing very far from town

Thunder storms louder than speakers from crown 

Into the woods we match, covered in nature’s gown 
It’s 5 o’clock in the morning 

Say hello to the morning dew while yawning 

Unidentified figures in the dark, feets shaking 

Owls guard your part, the sun is far from rising

Food we need, Money we need, life was sinking

Questions in my head answers are far from coming 
Life with an edge, I don’t mean galaxy 

Invalid thoughts in my head, I don’t mean fallacy 

Broken Pixels six this is not your average parody

My words can be uncomic, an artistic felony 

These stories are true I cipher my arts like BET 

This is a sum of what a brain can do call it my GDP

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Black Bold Lines || #TheSix 

Black Bold Lines 6

A world fighting for peace 

No love but everybody wants a kiss 

RIP to Friday the 21st the souls we miss 

Your emotions can be deadly sometimes 
Innocent childhood me miss them long time 

Build a better world with good thoughts at all times 

One people one power 
Fifty Three people more flowers 

So many broken hearts under the shower 

We are getting old, things are getting older 

Let’s keep calm 

Let’s shake palm 

Peace is all we need, let’s leave “arms

Mr. President Please fix roads to our “farms
They can’t digest the sorrow 

Black Bold Lines with no feature this is solo 

Today is a gift but don’t neglect tomorrow

Tired of these rich games I don’t mean polo 

Stop playing mind games this one is for Paolo 

Youths need jobs after stressing with “kaolo”

Everything is French Kind, I don’t mean Rostou 
Our country is rich but we don’t have “change” 
Kamer Super Market 

We need to buy jobs ?

We need to buy Position ?

We need to buy Respect ?

…and after shopping we still don’t have “Change
Be part of the system

and please don’t believe them 

Let’s show good morals not only to children 

Open your eyes, don’t be that brethren 

Sleeping in church, when you wake you just say Amen

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Wait For The 6 ||Volumes With Truth|| 

Six is a secret number, The power of 6 since the dawn of time has pushed scholars and great thinkers deep into the core of their imagination. #WaitForTheSix 

Black Bold Lines 6

Broken Pixel 6 

Taking infotainment to another level…

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