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Watch “Mihney – Depuis Quand (Official Video) brain by Sky Star” on YouTube

#BrainPower “Mihney – Depuis Quand (Official Video) brain by Sky Star” on YouTube



Biologists will tell you how important your heart, lungs, eyes, ears and other body parts are…
The long and short of it all is, without consciousness they won’t have come up with all these findings or affirmations.

Consciousness, as far back as we have studied human anatomy, lives in the brain. It is what defines us, gives us our identity and makes us to understand, control and connect with the things around us.

BrainPower is a concept but what makes it different from other concepts you know is; it is real, it is out to remind us of the tremendous strength we have in our brains and minds as a whole. Tapping that energy and making it stronger can change a lot within and around us.

BRAINPOWER is strength, it’s positive thinking, it is the power to control your mindset for better productivity. It’s the ability to decide between what is important and what looks Important.

Be part of the BRAINPOWER team today (in your mind and actions) and don’t allow foriegn and unwanted thoughts control you. Work harder, stay happier than ever even when the forces surrounding you seem to be against your goals.

Remind yourself daily,. “my mindset is powerful, I can hustle, achieve and be great beyond my imagination.

And as always thanks for reading…#BrainPower

I am the CEO of these BARS….

10 hail Marys I meditate for practice
Let the young rest in peace this one is for Patrick
All these online tricks and buzz in the name of tactics
Sign of the cross from dust to dust “I believe in Catholics”

Full charge keep your mindset 100
The hustle is real and you can make more than the budget
Hands on the key keep your pride in your pocket
Not everybody is warm I think it’s right to get a “jacket”
I roll up my sleeves it’s time to work forget the blanket
Live your dreams or make it real you mustn’t see the target

Be the Coco leaf  and watch your haters throw the water”
Work farm, carry load, muddy road “bush falling”
No fool yourself family first even when things are yawning

And as always thanks for reading…

Watch “Ewube ft Rude Bwai – Trowey ( Official Video )” on YouTube

By now you should know the winner…it’s #237
Congratulations to Ewube and Rude Bwai they got that #BrainPower…Watch, Like, share.




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