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Building the MONUMENT of Life…

Constructing is fun, you build from ground up, developing something either new or existing. It’s beautiful, it’s strong enough to ‘last’ but just ok enough for comfort. Constructive ideas over time has brought change to this floating ball of rock, soil, water, air, and burning gases. From words to actions, new things were constructed. Their benefits rapped in mixed blessings only depends on the course of their usage and how.

While they sound a little similar, their effects are different like blood and water. Bringing down created material or an existing one, best describes this second character. The pain, regret, anger associated to destruction can also to an extend be a mixed blessing. We destroy to create or wipe out for good.

Two concepts, two separate ideas, with each having two separate motives. It all makes total sense, and as simple as it can be; “when we construct or destruct, we Inevitably destroy or create something from existence respectively “. Now that sounds like some introduction to an aerodynamic lecture.

Your life is a constant battle between these two, you create ideas everyday, your body undergoes destruction for contstruction like plates beneath the Earth’s crust.


You will burn down relationships, ideas, actions to construct a better you. The same way you destroyed your state of being to welcome ideas, relationships , actions which today you don’t find them worth comfortable to own or stay in. It’s a struggle, one that will never end.

One word TRUTH

It will guide you to construct and destroy only the things hindering the possibility of a better you. Seek the Truth. What truly makes you happy, what truly makes you smile, what truly motivates you, what brings out the best in you?

Find those elements, start by destroying the barriers to it, and Construct yourself a better life.

Destruction, Construction, Sacrifice, Truth

And as always, thanks for reading…


1-That moment when your online friend meets you for the first time and unfortunately you are wearing the same shirt that has been on your six months old profile picture…#Impression lol

2- An embarrassing episode; you are in a gathering making fake call and talking to nobody just to escape from a boring conversation or hide from a friend, then your phone starts ringing in your ear…#soiling

3- You are in a restaurant after making a command for a plate of food with no meat, then someone cute comes in and you pick up a toothpick to swag up only to receive your bill with meat included…#OgaTitus

4- You are in the club balling after telling your good friend “Bo fever di cam kill me ya” and later on you receive a tap on your back from the same friend…#LocationService

5- Levels; you are at Express Union to collect your small 5k allowance, your good friend comes in to collect 50k then the cashier calls your name and you feel like going there with a blanket or an umbrella to cover the whole show…#PrivateAccount lol

…and as always, thanks for reading…
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The THREE simple Principles of control…

Control, the strong push or pull over a given energy or matter (my definition). Control, so difficult to maintain with many options and things to consider. How can we control? Why is it important? There are three main aspects to control, which to an extent can feed us with endless strength to control anything.

Control of information; What ever you get as information is important as it is not. That, depends on your level of control, how you receive and relate to that particular information. Is bad news bad or it sounds bad because of your own interest ? The idea about control of informtion is your perception. How good do you receive things? Do you keep the right mindset to receive information or information controls your mindset? The trick here is, being in control of what you get and how you get it. This might sound creepy but i see good in every bad news. Try to See, understand and react to things diffrently, be in control of what you get, and how you get it. Note, bad news carries with it clues or hidden truth to good news. It takes the right mindset to control information.

Control of your mindset; I was in a taxi with four women plus the driver , they were heading to a hospital in town, why? a relative of theirs had died that morning…I left the house with some serious good morning vibe and a mindset of gold but 15 minutes to my destination all four of them started crying, before then, it was just sorrowful talks, regrets and some sad body gestures. They had  a calm mindset but one of them could’t hold on anymore. It was a sad experience i felt bad, for some reason i started smiling not because i wanted to play tough or because i wasn’t part of the family but i thought of the brighter side of death, also how blessed the six of us were and the chances in our hands to continue with the gift of life. That mindset, was priceless. It didn’t just start from that morning, it took me years to control and develop it. Always search for reasons to appreciate life and to keep a positive mindset towards everything.

Control of action; This comes last because it has a lot to do with the first two. Had it been i didn’t have the right mindset, i would have joined those women that morning to cry or remain sad all through. Death in one way or the other has taken away so many good people and love ones from us, people with love and care in their hearts. It was the saddest morning i can ever remember. From the moment i heard their conversation to that last 15 minutes of crying until i paid the driver, i could still hear them crying as the taxi took off. It was sad…

We go through a lot daily, sometimes we cannot handle it and the moment takes total control of us, but think again before it does. It won’t be easy, we are human, but training and teaching yourself to be positive and strong is ten times better than crying and that you already know. Control what you get and how you get it, control your mindset even after you get it and your actions will forever reflect the content of your mindset.

…and as always, thanks fo reading.



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