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The Heart Of Miss Cameroon USA…


Vinielle Acha-Morfaw the winner of the 2015 Miss cameroon USA has more to her lifestyle than being a miss. The K-Town hot shot on her visit to cameroon for the second time, gave her soul and heart out to the place she calls home. Her tour around some areas in the country, to motivate, educate, and provide assistance to the cameroonian people had focus on cancer. The nursing student at Towson University awaiting graduation come May 2016, works hard with the opportunities as a MISS to sensitize the youths on cancer and staying healthy.

Her collaboration with PATCHA foundation; a non profit organisation with the same vision to provide health care for the cameroonian people seems promising.

Behind the glamour, crown and the gowns, Miss Vinielle has an interesting formula in keeping together, leisure, school her career and other activities as she explains in the video below.

I must admit listening to her speak, Miss Vinielle is one of the smartest ladies of this generation. (i did not just make that up…she is for real)


She promised to keep in contact with home, also come up with better ways to fight against cancer and provide health assistance to the cameroonian people.

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Your Brain-Power

 – “Distractions can be very painful,  hopes,plans and aspirations can be very doubtful”

Brain Power– many live without knowing they can control everything but still go ahead searching for answers or how things work. I read, I question, I realise education is not just the backbone or the key as we know it. This craft;- in my own words I describe it, doesn’t really open anything, it makes you to understand there are things to be opened. 


connect your brain to the things you like and the postive energy you need

Power– Kanye west is a human being, a rapper, producer and business mogul, “No one man should have all that power..” He said. Sounds like a military order or some guy trying to grab everything for himself. Power is in everything we come across or do, as long as humans can’t have everything in their possession, there will be some amount of power somewhere that you will never have or acquire except you are chilling with uncle Gabriel, Moses, or JC (Jesus Christ…swagūüėČ) 

Brain-one of the unexplained human body parts still under study by scientists. If that didn’t make sense; we only control 5% of our brain capacity and a group of humans with brain are trying to study it? Irony or should I say very funny…ūüėŹ “all I know about my brain is the memories it keeps and the comprehensive assistance it gives me as a mere human being”. But to it lies mind blowing connections, long lasting energy and deep subconscious tricks. Join me in calling all that Brain Power. 

I share my views on these words: Brain and power because right now if you lose your site or one of those communication tools you brought into this world, with the help of sign language and other systems this information can get to you. Shot down that brain for a second, only your neighbour will tell you what went “down”. 

Train your brain, it’s yours.

Direct it on what to think and what to expect 

Put in positive inputs to match the sweet outputs you seek

While being critical about people and environment 

Selecting between bad and good (swag or lame)ūüėé 

Don’t forget, you have 95% of your Neurons looking back at you. 

See what 5% has done, look at yourself, where are you right now? 

Set those commands, use the power

What you THINK is what you BECOME…

But how? (to be continued..) 

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