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Download iSante application Your Health Just got an UPDATE! 

Thank God for technology oh yes!. Since the world went digital with the coming of the Internet a lot has been happening; good and bad but this is the greatest. They say health is wealth that’s true, iSante is a mobile application and one of the greatest Ditigal creations in Cameroon today.

What is it all about? The mobile application iSante, enables you to get access to pharmacies for medication, emergency aid and lots of other services just with a touch on your screen. If that wasn’t amazing, it covers almost all pharmacies in the country and yes even the ones in your neighbourhood.


iSante application on the top left

I downloaded this app on my device, so I can check out the experience after attending a digital conference, I took a lot home about this amazing application, I think it will revolutionalize the way we get medication or access to pharmacies which has always been a problem. iSante  is a very easy-to-use application. It’s available on Playstore,(android) AppStore, and Blackberry Appworld (still coming to windows market place)

How it works? 1- you must have a smartphone  and it should be connected to  the the Internet

2- launch your specific download platform.

3- search for  iSante and download, once done , click Start and register your mobile number and take a simple tour of the app.


start up page of the app

There are literally so many things to benefit from it and if you wonder the sphere of influence of this application, it covers limbe, Buea, Douala, yaounde (not in the northern regions for now) and other cities. You can easily locate a nearby pharmacy, and connect with them for assistance. It can be emergency, purchase of medication and Health news via its notification  (iSante)


nearby pharmacies from my location

Sample of  some pharmacies in Douala during my tour of the application iSante, it’s a very useful and simple to use application as well.

You might be wonder; all these amazing things for free? Well No! , you pay a sum of 100frs cfa per day only. But you can find contacts of nearby pharmacies when you navigate the app. If you which to take a taxi and roam around town to find a particular medicine, or in an accident and you need emergency but you don’t know how? I think 100frs is enough to spare and safe your life.


app benefits

After a chat with the Marketing personnel of this amazing application iSante, I was told it’s still in French and they are working on an English version right now. I will keep you posted when that happens and any other updates and services offered.

Please <DOWNLOAD> iSante today and remember “Your Health is the greatest assert in your life” rather than checking for the next Candy crush or Temple run. 

You can contact their  HOTLINE : (+237) 233 42 80 23 or (+237) 699 30 22 92

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+237 97474192


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