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magasco during his first hit single

magasco during his first hit single


Magasco is a gifted hip hop artist from the North West region of Cameroon. With leaks to songs like Garri, Bamenda Boi,kumba market,Lineloba and now FINE BOY. The vibrant Cameroon born star keeps it real with unbeatable hits.


New Empire Company signee ”Bamenda Boi”  Magasco has officially unveiled the video of his opus titled  ”Fine Boy” featuring ”Africa Mami” crooner and label mate Duc Z. The song is a propitious club banger. The video was directed by February 16th.

Cameroon entertainment industry is not only fighting to be better but they are creating their own style of production especially in the music world.



Ndukong Godlove generally called Jovi alias DON 4 KWAT has set the pace for others to follow in Cameroon hip hop. It is the truth, as some say he has taken Pidgin English rap style into the world of music and hip hop in Cameroon. Born in Douala, Cameroon, Jovi is an award-winning writer, rapper, producer, and sound engineer, who has lifted the Cameroonian entertainment industry to the next level.


He released his first single and video “Don 4 Kwat” to spectacular reviews, getting heavy airplay on Trace TV and Channel O. His second single, “Pitié” featuring Tabu Ley Rochereau, stayed on the charts for months on pan-African BBC’s Destination Africa hosted by DJ Edu, staying in the top 5 at its peak. He introduced also the track B.A.S.T.A.R.D, bringing out African way of life in fighting for survival.

As some fans in the town of Buea will say Jovi will never stop doing what he does best. Recently he dropped another hit titled CASH with the video coming up soon. He recently posted a photo of behind the scenes, doing the video for cash. I



DUBSTEP DANCE a new youth culture trend

Dubstep is a new form of break dancing. Today this dance which takes all your body energy and project sound to your body in the form of moves, gives the youth of today the dream they wished for. Though very technical to learn, this dance  brings fun, excitement, and the ability to control ones self and soul. Most youth go in today for dubstep to exercise their body, some to have fun and maybe show of on the dance floor, but to POPING JOHN AND NONSTOP as popularly known they do it for the fans and make a lot of money through shows and online uploads on you tube and other video sites on the web.

Dubstep dance came with its own sound; a unique beat with electrical tune and notes. the dubstep presents a feeling of the future and comes out as the evolution of break dancing. Youth today give out the free time to learn or follow this new dance move. talking to Bine moukori, a student in the university of buea and a dubstep dancer in one of the dance crew around town he says, he feels good doing this and to him he will love to pursue it as a career and to promote break dance culture in Africa and Cameroon…While some parents will see this act as waste of time and distraction from book, it will ever remain a passion to some youth today, and no one knows what might take you to the promise land.

Young Time aims for gold in hip hop

The rapper whose popularity stands on his platinum record  known as WASH HAND, is a Bamenda based citizen and student in the university of Buea. Started in his bedroom writing songs and singing with his friends has been his main activity after school work. In an interview with him, the main ambition is to grow bigger, and make more  money to start his own music label and open a  recording studio.

The latest development for Young Time is seeing his song being played on Trace Urban television. The video which has created not only a daily slogan for youths today but gives hope for rising stars in the industry.



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