#BlogFeature || Wan Shey – Creativity Versus Art

Creativity versus Art

Art is the product/result of a process which directly or indirectly touches the soul and is aquired through indepth studying and polishing of a particular skill set (Painting,music,dancing etc) while Creativity on its own is a skill which is birthed through innovation by providing a solution that is at the same time “unique and useful” in whatsoever social context.

Art is a process while Creativity is a solution. In other words you can be creative but not artistic,artistic and creative,artistic and not creative.

In Hip Hop Culture for example, we know legendary guys who singlehandedly not only mastered the various art forms but recreated and took them to whole new horizons.
Dj Kool Herc basically created the hip hop music movement by isolating sites from funk records and together with other Djs like Grandmasters flash,Theodore and Case introduced scratching on hip hop beat.

This example just comes to highlight the peculiarities in the two concepts. Dj Kool Herc got inspired from funk like a true artist and then breaking it down to isolate sites then further scratching was being creative. Creativity is a school of thought, learning to think out of the box, breaking away from status quo and pushing art or any other form into taking different unique and useful turns.

Art is the eyes and hands that spot and harvest the banana while creativity is the mind that turns them to heart shaped biscuits after seeing that there is high demand for biscuits in the markets and no heart shaped biscuits etc.

So to my fellow artists,let your art be accompanied by the will to innovate and uniqueness and usefulness will be inevitable.

I Ran…

It was a cold evening. I lost it, like menchum fall sweat came down so fast I could taste every salty drop. I had to run away the melody in my head was far from style plus’ and glory drops’. My conscience was smiling as a ran out of that filthy environment. Guilty was my nickname at that time, and my mind wasn’t ready for any further enjoyment.
I ran as fast as I could, with no plans of looking back, I directed all the energy from the food to my feet.

I arrived safely. Now the question is, what was i running from?. It wasn’t the police, it wasn’t an angry father chasing me for chasing her daughter, it wasn’t a crime scene either. I was running from me, Yes!…I was “usain bolting” myself from my own track, my own platform, my own lifestyle. The true definition of me. I left my true self behind out of fear, I didn’t believe one bit in me. I was scared to “bandy Kiki” my ideas, my creativity, my enigma energy and more.

Don’t leave yourself behind, don’t be ashame to show up with the real you inside. Don’t enter the room with a copied personality thinking you are going to paste greatness in their minds. Don’t be politically correct with yourself only to be given a CPDM treatment at the end of the day.

If you must run, runaway from the fake YOU, the broke YOU, the I will make it happen and nothing happens at the end of the day. Run if you must, for when you are gone, they will respect you for running an impactful race and not for a triumphant arrival.


And as always, thanks for reading…

Enigma || 5 

Fowls and lizards on the fence, it’s definitely hard to make choices the distraction is so intense. Some are in the middle, is it a good spot or a safe spot ?. Can we easily connect the dots to make progress or buy bulletproof jackets to take shots. Youths drive too fast,  some with no direction too bad. But as usual we drink to anything pleasant so raise your glasses while I take shots and moonwalk on these lines “who is bad!?” 

Enigma five, my brain is not friends with the blunt but some of my friends say I am the most “high”. Let me ask you this, What makes you itch? It’s time to identify your strength and be useful for you earn nothing being a snitch. I know sometimes you think about your own funeral, it is super scary. You can’t tell what next because your brain only gives you what you  carry. Practice my friend, will make you better. There are so many words in the dictionary, big and small. Why use grammar to inspire & educate a generation with dead brain cells like that of grandma. ? 

I always Judas Iscariot my materials, KISS them on the chick. In case you don’t get it, I Keep It Short and Simple so your brain won’t ask for extra juice to digest these unapologetically creative “Minecraft”. I can’t wait to end this enigma with an X. This is not Award worthy, because you can’t feel comfortable reading truth with fake impressions in a one-night-stand-outfit. Read this all over again and tell me, 
How Deep is your life’s Enigma?  

#Enigma || 6 

There is something I will like to call “mind weight”, you mentally feel heavy as you age. Let’s pause for a second, don’t mistake it for wisdom. Probably the things you have to do, the information your brain picks up on a daily & more. We only make sense of our “brain Wight” when we convert the values , experiences, and tasks into something meaningful. Call it wisdom. 
Is “Brain weight” really important, if so why ? Some people struggle with body weight to stay healthy but “brain weight” is necessary for growth. It’s like mining, you need more of the dirt to actually get more of that precious stone. ( Practical idea and a tough context in simple English) 

Now welcome to enigma six, where my knees and toes need each other but never meet. Where our eyes see truth and value through ignorance’s window, this is far from deep. If you are reading this in the year 2070, ( if reading still exist) tell your friends that youths in 2017 were so interesting in showing what they don’t have than helping each other grow to get what they really need. Tell them fools with money controlled the wise and gave little or no opportunity to the brave to fight for their rights. I think I will do a “dear future generation” series, so we don’t rely on heartless men to rewrite history without a pen. 
Dry leaves talk for they have been through a lot. It is only when you are down you can clearly see the mess underneath these walking trees of nothing but fresh leaves begging for carbondyoxite. Mother nature i am sorry I really can’t put your story straight. Please keep us warm but don’t burn us to death, for hell will only be a useless space for “politicians and the LGBT community”  Judge not…
How deep is their Enigma ?

Enigma || 7 

#Enigma || 7 

When i explain my vision and dream, the conversation sometimes ends with “we are hungry & tired”
I feel like searching for the PG 18 version of the holy Bible, just to boost the heat in hell #fire. Don’t get it all wrong, to be sentimental towards the reaction of every action in itself should be a sin. Don’t be afraid to stand alone, paint yourself in the picture let the frame stay behind the scene. 

Humility as a word in this generation comes up more than the act. Fake life, fake style, we shouldn’t be playing around with old stories. Democracy should be a conspiracy theory, if you still don’t get it, take a five minutes walk with your eyes closed. I am just kidding but that’s exactly how some leaders make decisions with results looking like dogs from cross breeding. 
I am on that Enigma 7 listening to score music I created with Sango Edi, shit feels like angels falling from heaven. Don’t take life too serious, we might all be part of an alien’s video game. With religion, politics, economy as game features. Don’t ask me how, as long as we don’t have answers to actually explain and demonstrate our origin, every possible thought should be respected but you alone can choose to believe them. 
Say hi to your ignorance, ” ah Di troway salute” learn and try to understand everything you come across. Blame nobody, live life, stay healthy & don’t be afraid to carry your cross. 
How     deep    is    your    Enigma ?

Enigma || 8

Jesus had a snitch in his crew of twelve, with some he called brothers. Keep your fingers crossed because almost everybody is on that “ how to do away with murder”.

How do you create without destruction? It’s actually not a question to those who destroy to create nothing.
Angels and demons exist since day one, it’s like creating the perfect mixture with salt and sugar let’s bake one. No need to remind you where we are, the dark part is why are we? We have created so many devices, laws, tricks, shortcuts and myths. All aimed at keeping us comfortable, distracting us from thinking about reality. We call the things we create reality and give reality an augmented identity.

I am not the enemy of me, my enigma energy in use so we can understand the simple things in *we*.

10, 9, 8 they enjoy counting your progress backwards, so let’s create something mysteriously interesting for them to count onward. My enigma eight is like a workout session, though to some it’s like an alarm clock on the first day of school to a kid with no uniform.
Again, How Deep is my Enigma ?

enig 8

Enigma || 9

Lost in my own words, simultaneously figuring out my self worth. I am aware but at the same I feel scared. It’s now or never, trust issues can weigh you down but when you truly believe it becomes easier to find who can hold you down.

My ideas are foreign I must admit, you need to see the faces of *mes ami* when I speak. You can’t control the adrenaline so I won’t swing brush strokes to paint a picture on a black broken canvas like my melanin. Pause for second, let me drop that cliché question ; are you living life or living in life?. In my enigma ten, I said some things will never change approximately 25 years ago Tupac sharkur wrote changes.

He died and became a legend, alive he was a thug, gangster, bad boy with so many agents.
Life is fair, life is cruel but first of all Life is a lesson & if you need to learn you have to live it and pray for mercy.

My enigma 9 is far from complex like instructions from our DNA to our body cells. I wrote all these on a bowl of cornflakes, and it sounds like ghost in a shell. Dancing on these lines with thoughts bigger than my brain, I am actually saying something simple to the most complex being we know, think of the legendary scene with rain drops on a poor boy’s window in pain.
How deep is my enigma?.


Enigma 10

Walking gently on a cold Saturday morning, so many thoughts in my head. I can start from any angle as long as i trust these neurons. My entire existence trapped in cells for there is nothing to hold on to. It’s a long walk alone, for far too long things seem to be clear enough for me to understand but i doubt. It is cold out here, i see nothing but dry leaves dancing to the wind; my imagination keeps running wild, hard to keep track of time. It is definitely not sunny out here, i can feel cold right deep inside my dermis.

Question, where am i going to and why? how far is this place if i may ask? Real or euphoric ? Is this another episode of my lucid dreams?. Well, you can never have all the answers they say; Some things will never change. The destination is clear enough but it’s not so easy to point fingers to the right direction. I am aware of the walk, cold and long as it can be but i am also aware of these dry leaves hitting each other, making incredible moves at the same time not knowing what or how. I can’t even talk to the wind, i have no such powers i wish could. These characters are amazing only if i can keep myself warm. My attention span is laughing at me, my eyes are wet, my fingers are numb, my legs don’t give a damn about the kind of sounds my knees make. I must walk and fast too.

Black is my favorite color, since my heart and skin are part of me i think black is more than just a color. I have nothing to worry about, i own nothing. If we belief in the unknown, the unseen and even the unbelievable then there is more to life… enigma


Are you aware? 

It feels great when you are aware that you know. The trick about it all is, having the thought of knowing things that you know nothing about. We are amaze as a creature but far from being nice as humans. Morality is no more a guide to better living conditions, it is the mask every generation is trying to take off to pursue short term desires. The things we grew up to know, be it values or culture is under the pressure of extinction’s body weight. 

What do we know as humans? Is it the existence we all are fighting to keep alive? or the mystery behind our birth, growth and death as complex animals? The trick about it all is, having the thought of knowing things that we know nothing about. The two main forces of life: Good $ Bad, generally compliments each other. Their need to exist together is in itself the strength behind this mysterious architecture we call Life. One can categorize so many factors under these two forces, birth & death, destruction & construction, truth & false. 

Understanding these forces and how they interplay in our lives is very important. Also, their functions and possible consequences most not be ignored. It is for this reason, we all need to choose wisely. Challenge yourself to understand these things so you can place your feet on the right path. The sad part is, our interconnected nature creates a susceptible channel for us to be exposed to the consequences of these forces even beyond our own making.  

Awareness is key. It is important to know & understand yourself first, as a person before understanding others & the things around you. Be aware of bad and good, be aware of the consequences, be aware of your selfish desires which definitely influences your overall behavioral pattern towards other things. It feels great when you are aware that you know. The trick about it all is, having the thought of knowing things you know nothing about. 

Question, research, spend time on your own to understand things and how they occur. Knowing why may be difficult, to an extent not humanly possible. Don’t fall in the trap of having the thought that you know. Keep it simple, keep it open. keep your mind focus on the positive side of things, the good aspects of humanity. Do not be ignorant of the things written on the other side of the coin, the bad, the destructive, the false voice. They too are part of this giant ball of floating energy.

…and as always, thanks for reading. 

#BlogFeature : I believe in Africa #StrictlyMboko || by Tino Foy 

Oh man. I still believe in Africa. 
Weh the best time na time weh reme no dey ntang
Na so man dan dodge go enter man e guava farm commot for dey go move lie lie juju under Ngia Tawah e number one mango kill waself. 
Go ask Suh If ya fowl loss, I no mean say I be see yi. 

9 year old njaka di push 60 liter water climb hill no even know sey for some other continent some people di call that one sey child labor. For yi, head e dan big. 
Nah, actually the best time na time weh reme say ‘boy, bring ya plate’ then e pack you coco weh e tie wrappa sleep inside red oil with correct dry fish for corner 

Playstation 4 no get nothing ontop bamboo moto weh you nail am you one sotay move bulb for old torch knack some light ontop. 

Before man be want start see Ayaba swimming pool na for river mezzo weh man be di go. Time weh man go with reme for laver close man go carry brush trowel am inside water just so that e fit swim small go take am.
All thing na na artificial, sep the people.

Tino Foy 


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